About Paul

'I'm simply a guy who wanted to write his partner a book in her language. It's just got way out of hand!' Paul Heron was born in Belfast and spent the first 27 years of his life on Irish soil before moving to Loughborough, England to finish his study in Sports Management. He completed his degree in May 2012, which was, to say the least, an awesome time to be in Loughborough. That summer, the university hosted Team GB for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. At that time, he met his partner who came to England from Italy also to study Sports Management. Quite a summer to remember. Obviously graduating wasn't too bad either! Later that year, he decided to teach himself to speak Italian. As a way for him to practice what he had learned, he began writing little daily stories in his work diary - in Italian of course - and this was how he discovered a love for writing. In March 2015, he decided to write his partner a book - in Italian - for their 3rd anniversary. So, after 6 months, he managed to finish that book: a novella titled LA STORIA DELLA MIA VITA which is Italian for THE STORY OF MY LIFE. So, he fell in love with writing but didn't know how to continue. Until Sunday 11th October 2015, while talking to a friend in a gym which he had been managing at the time, he came up with the idea for THE SECOND RENAISSANCE SERIES.